At Kiba Studios, we look forward to every new year and all that it has to offer in terms of remodeling trends. Whenever we work with a homeowner, we take a look at what things are trending and how we can incorporate them into the new kitchen design. If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen this year, then get in touch with one of our showrooms to work with an expert team who will help you create your dream project!

New Built-Ins

When you think of a “built-in” kitchen, you envision a space where everything has its own spot. All of the appliances are tucked away, and all of the cabinets and cupboards are in their proper place. However, are there built-ins that you want to add, such as pantry shelves, an island, or breakfast bar that’s fully integrated into the kitchen?

New Pantry Shelves

If you’re keeping cans and boxes of food in a cabinet or cupboard where you would normally store plates and dishes, then perhaps a built-in pantry could be the best addition to your kitchen. A dedicated pantry with shelves and drawers can give you the space you need for food storage, and you can keep everything organized.

A Kitchen Island

The kitchen island isn’t a new trend for 2020, but it’s definitely one that’s been popular for the past decade or so. More and more homeowners want the extra countertop for serving and entertaining when they have guests, and the island can also function as a family gathering spot throughout the week. You can eat meals there, and the kids can do their homework at the island while you work on getting dinner ready.

Breakfast Bar

While a kitchen island can be used as a spot for eating breakfast, the traditional built-in breakfast bar is often attached to an existing wall or countertop, meaning it only has three usable sides. This bar can be a great addition for kitchens that are connected to a dining area, and you want some type of separation between the two spaces. The bar will act as a peninsula, with stools for seating. If this is something that interests you, then contact us today!

Get Started Today

If you’ve been thinking about adding new built-in features to your kitchen, or you want to completely remodel your kitchen so that it can include a pantry, island, breakfast bar, and more, then please contact one of our showrooms today. The expert team at your local showroom can answer all of your questions regarding remodeling trends, style choices, and more.

The benefit of working with Kiba Studios is that you can start your new kitchen design online and then schedule an appointment with one of our in-house experts. We can provide you with an estimate on what it will take to complete your remodel, and then get started on your project. Before you know it, your new kitchen will be complete and you’ll be enjoying features you thought you’d never have in a home.

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