There’s nothing quite like a newly remodeled kitchen, especially if you’re installing custom stone countertops. Whether you’ve chosen granite, quartz, marble, or another stunning material, it’s important to know how to protect your investment. The last thing you want is for an accidental spill or stain to damage your custom countertops, so in today’s entry, we’re going to provide you with a quick and easy-to-use countertop care guide.

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How to Care for Custom Countertops

Seal Natural Stone Countertops Periodically

Countertop sealants serve two main purposes. First and foremost, they act as a protective barrier between the stone and the rest of your kitchen. They can also give your countertops a sleek glossy look, or a beautiful matte finish, depending on your preferences.

Your countertops will probably be sealed shortly after they’re installed, but you should plan to update the sealant as time goes on. As a general rule of thumb, lightly colored stone should be sealed every one to three years, depending on how much you use the surface. Darker countertops won’t need to be sealed as often. In many cases, homeowners can go anywhere from three to five years between sealings. If you need advice for your specific circumstances, our expert contractors will be there to answer any questions you have about sealing.

Wipe Spills Immediately

Spills are the most common way that natural stone countertops sustain damage. Even with a strong sealant, liquids that have been left for a long period of time can cause stains that are difficult to treat. Acidic substances such as wine, coffee, vinegar, and citrus juices are particularly damaging, so be sure to wipe up these substances as soon as you notice that they’ve come into contact with your countertops.

Use Cutting Boards

Stone countertops are strong, and for that reason, many people choose to use them as cutting boards. Even though your new countertops can probably withstand your weekly meal prep, it’s always a good idea to use cutting boards underneath. If your knives are particularly sharp, then they could penetrate the sealant and make an unsightly cut mark. They could also allow food to fill the cut, which in turn causes unsanitary conditions.

Invest in Trivets

You’ve probably seen friends or family members set hot items directly on their stone countertops without issue. However, doing so puts your countertops at risk of thermal shock, which causes the stone to crack due to the temperature disparity. Instead of paying for costly countertop repairs and putting your investment at risk, invest in trivets that you can use whenever you’re cooking. You can find a style and color that matches the rest of your kitchen, and you’ll feel much better about taking something off of the stove or out of the oven knowing that your countertops are protected.

Clean Cautiously

If you have laminate or tile countertops, then you’re probably used to cleaning with whatever products you have under your sink. Maybe you have a strong bleach cleaner that you often use, or perhaps you have an all-purpose spray that you use throughout the home.

When it comes to custom countertops, it’s important to ensure that you never use ammonia, bleach, vinegar, or any other acidic cleaners. Always use stone-specific cleaning products and a soft microfiber towel to clean your countertops. You can use a mixture of warm water and dishwashing detergent if you’re in a pinch, but trust us when we say that specialty products are well worth the investment!

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