Don’t skimp on seating, forget about lighting, or fail to maximize storage space during your kitchen remodel. Kiba Studios is here to provide expert advice and professional assistance throughout the entire process, and our mission to help you create a space you’ll be proud to call home. Visit this page to get started with an estimate, and read on to learn about even more remodeling mistakes!

Even More Tips for Creating the Perfect Kitchen

Get Bold

There’s nothing wrong with matching your kitchen to the rest of your home or sticking with a design similar to what you currently have, but a kitchen remodel provides you with the perfect opportunity to make a significant change! Our designers are familiar with the latest kitchen trends and designs, and we can help you create a unique and personalized space that brings together elements from some of your favorite kitchen styles. Bring reference photos and ideas to the showroom and we’ll help you create something truly spectacular!

Treat Yourself

Whether you’re updating a few elements of your kitchen or completely redesigning the entire space, you should never settle for anything you won’t be happy with in the long run. As we discussed in our previous post, we recommend determining a budgetary range in which you’re comfortable. It’s not the end of the world if you end up using your entire budget, and you shouldn’t be afraid to go slightly over your budget if it means getting something that you really want. In five years, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll regret spending just a bit more to get the cabinets or countertops you’ve been dreaming about.


Growing up, you probably had kitchen cabinets that were purely functional. They opened, closed, and provided you with storage space. There’s nothing wrong with functional cabinets, but our cabinet add-ons are an excellent way to add contemporary innovation to your home. In-drawer charging stations, for instance, allow you to keep your mobile devices charged and close by while you cook. Tired of accidentally slamming your cabinets shut? Soft-close drawers and doors are the perfect solution. You can view a full list of cabinet add-ons here!

Beautify Your Backsplash

Is there anything worse than a boring backsplash?

Okay, there are definitely worse things than a boring backsplash, but it’s still something you should avoid during your kitchen remodel. While backsplashes were once primarily used to protect kitchen walls from water and food, many homeowners are choosing to use their backsplash as a way of creating an eye-catching focal point. Your new backsplash can cover the area directly above the sink, or we can help you create a backsplash that spans the entire length of your kitchen and accents your new cabinets and countertops.

Let’s Get to Work!

We hope that this series will give you some helpful points to consider as you begin your kitchen remodel. As we noted at the top of this post, our kitchen design experts are here to help you through every step of the remodeling process. Whether you’re interested in updating your kitchen cabinets or you’re investing in a top-to-bottom remodel, we’ll help you create the kitchen you’ve always wanted!

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