Much like the fashion world, bath and kitchen design trends come and go. At Kiba Studios, we’re proud to say that we always stay ahead of the curve. In today’s post, we’ll explore three hot kitchen and bath trends we know you’ll love. When you’ve finished reading today’s entry, be sure to get in touch with us to get started on your remodel! You can start with an estimate, design your new kitchen online, or schedule an in-person appointment at your local Kiba Studios. We can’t wait to help you create a place you’ll love and cherish for years to come!

Three Trendy Kitchen & Bath Designs We Love

Bold Ceramic Tiles 

There’s no shortage of questions that arise when you’re taking on a kitchen remodel. One of the most common questions we receive is, “Which kind of tile should I use for my new kitchen backsplash?” While there are a number of different materials we often recommend, bold ceramic tiles are one of our most popular choices. Ceramic tiles with bold colors have a simple elegance that can transform the look of any space, and they don’t have to be limited to backsplashes! Just ask one of our talented designers how you can incorporate bold ceramic tiles into your home.

Floating Vanities

Quality cabinets are an important aspect of any bathroom remodel, and floating vanities have been one of the most popular designs in recent years. Floating vanities are anchored to the wall and do not extend all the way down to the floor, as you’re probably used to seeing with bathroom cabinets. Instead, the space between the cabinet and the floor creates the illusion that the cabinets are floating above the floor. This innovative design is as functional as it is beautiful, and a few of the main benefits include:

  • Space: Floating vanities can make even small bathrooms look large, as they don’t take up as much space as traditional bathroom cabinets.
  • Accessibility: Floating vanity cabinets can provide you with more floor clearance, which makes them ideal for those who use walkers or wheelchairs.
  • Flooring: If you’re installing a beautiful new floor as part of your bathroom remodel, then a floating vanity is the perfect way to show off as much of the floor as possible!
  • Flexibility: Whether you’re hoping to increase your bathroom’s storage capabilities or downsize to something more manageable, the flexible nature of floating vanities can accommodate all of your cabinetry preferences. Just ask one of our designers for more information!

Rustic Modern Mix

One of the best aspects of cabinetry is that it doesn’t have to always exist in the kitchen and bathroom. Cabinetry designs can be combined to create a mix of styles any place in the home Rustic modern designs are one of the most trendy design combinations, and they bring the charm of the countryside and the elegance of metropolitan designs together in a jaw-droppingly beautiful way.

You’ll often find weathered raw materials in neutral colors combined with simple, sleek cabinets and fixtures. The result? A warm and charming space that lends itself to almost any décor. We’ll gladly help you design a rustic modern kitchen, bathroom or any unique space you would like — just reach out to a designer to learn more!

Start Your Kitchen or Bath Remodel Today!

We hope that today’s post will provide you with the inspiration you need to transform your home. We’ll provide you with additional information about the latest bath and kitchen design trends in future posts, so be sure to check our blog regularly.

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