Whether you’re updating a few key elements of your kitchen or you’re investing in an all-encompassing kitchen remodel, updating your kitchen sink is one of the easiest — and most affordable — ways to increase your efficiency while also adding an interesting aesthetic element. In today’s entry, we’re going to take an in-depth look at several kitchen sink styles to help you determine if a new style could add even more to your new space.

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Four Unique Sink Styles


Also known as apron sinks, farmhouse sinks sit below countertop height and extend over the edge of the cabinets below. They’re incredibly versatile and can be designed as a single-bowl unit or with two separate bowls, depending on your needs. Farmhouse sinks are typically large and have plenty of room for dishes, which makes them perfect for large households. As far as their aesthetic appeal is concerned, farmhouse sinks are great for rustic designs and anything incorporating more traditional elements.


As their name suggests, undermount sinks are installed directly beneath the countertops, which makes them appear completely seamless. This gives them a sleek appearance that can be used in contemporary and modern kitchens, as well as almost any other design! Undermount sinks are typically easier to clean than other styles because debris can be simply washed down the sides — say goodbye to cleaning the rim or lip of your sink!


Corner sinks are a unique way to maximize your countertop space and make a small space more efficient. Corner sinks have two basins which sit catty-corner to one another, and they’re often recommended for use with either a U- or an L-shaped kitchen. Even if your kitchen doesn’t have one of these shapes, a corner sink might be just what you need to free up valuable space elsewhere!

Top Mount

Also known as drop-in sinks, top mount sinks are perhaps the most common style you’ll find in homes across the United States. They are supported by the surrounding countertop and drop down into the sink, and this mounting style gives them a bit more support than the other styles we’ve discussed thus far. Homeowners who are interested in cast iron or heavier sink materials may want to consider if a top mount sink will work in their new kitchen.

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