At Kiba Studios, there’s nothing we love more than bringing beauty and organization together. We’re willing to bet that you’ve misplaced your favorite pair of shoes or have had trouble finding an ingredient you need for a recipe. We’ve been there, too, and we’ve come up with some incredible custom home organization systems that allow you to find exactly what you need without compromising your home’s style. Read on to learn more about each system, and get in touch with us if you’re ready to start designing a custom closet or a custom kitchen pantry!

Custom Closet Systems

If you’re like most homeowners, then you probably haven’t given much thought to your closet. It serves its purpose and allows you to store your clothing, but we’re willing to bet that it could benefit from a few changes. For instance, do your dresses or pants hang so low that they touch the ground? Do have to cram your shirts together and iron out the inevitable wrinkles?

No matter what your current closet looks like, our designers can help you design a custom closet that provides you with the space you need to stay organized. Imagine walking into a well-lit closet complete with shoe racks, shelving, and storage bins. Say goodbye to tripping over your shoes as you search for a shirt, and say hello to the beautiful, organized space you deserve!

Custom Kitchen Pantries

How many times has this happened?

You’re about to cook an amazing meal, but you can’t seem to find that one crucial ingredient you know you have somewhere in your pantry. You do some digging and find things that definitely should’ve been thrown out a few months ago, but it takes some serious searching to find what you need to complete the meal.

At Kiba Studios, we believe that every kitchen should be both efficient and beautiful. If you’re going to be updating your kitchen with a new look, then take this opportunity to invest in a custom kitchen pantry that allows you to stay organized without sacrificing aesthetic appeal!

Do you have a walk-in pantry? We can help you redesign the entire space in a way that maximizes your storage space and allows you to find exactly what you need. Do you prefer open-concept shelving? Our kitchen designers can help you create an easy-access layout that showcases the items in your pantry and adds even more to your beautiful new kitchen.

Be sure to visit our kitchen remodeling and kitchen cabinet pages if you’re interested in learning more!

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Kiba Studios is here to help you create the home you’ve always wanted. Closet organization systems and custom kitchen pantries will both increase your home’s resale value, and they’ll also add a significant amount of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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