Why Choose Kiba Studios of Putnam

A Fantastic Selection

When you work with our team of experts in our showroom, you can choose from a fantastic selection of kitchen and bath options. We have cabinets, countertops, and more that can work for a variety of designs, and you can make sure that your home looks absolutely amazing once the construction and installation are complete. Our team can offer recommendations that fit with your vision and your budget!

Amazing Savings

By working with us and packaging your remodel, you can enjoy amazing savings. For example, cabinet doors at other showrooms and suppliers can be quite expensive, but with Kiba, you can save on your entire run of doors, picking the color and finish that you want. We want you to feel comfortable with whatever you’re willing to invest in your home updates, whether that’s a completely new master bathroom or simply new cupboards for the kitchen.

Professional Design

You may have looked online for do-it-yourself kitchen or bath design, and while the tools were fun to play with, you couldn’t quite get the room you wanted. With our professional designers, you can take your ideas and put them down on paper (or digital) and create the layout you want. Every aspect will be included, and you can see what the final product will look like even before the project begins.