Nothing but quality work

My wife and I had the pleasure of dealing with Lisa. She is one of the designers at Kiba Studio in Harry Katz Carpet One. Our kitchen and bathroom projects were finished in October 2019. I am writing this review now because I wanted my review to reflect actually living in the newly designed spaces. I and my wife are Very happy with the customer service we have received. Lisa was very personable. It was nice to see two different ideas of a bathroom and kitchen blended. I got not just wanted but what I needed. My wife got the design she needed. And the functionality she wanted. The contractor is A1! Nothing but quality work. All our flooring and tiles were supplied by Harry Katz Carpet One. Let their family help your family. If you want to deal with Honest people. Have quality work done. And great customer service this is the place to go! And no everything did not go totally as planned. How could it? we are human. But that is how they get the fifth star. When a bump in the road came up they made the correction quickly. A job well done!!

Ibrahime M.